What is the spectrum, Value Teach covers?

The Indian understanding and practicing moral and ethical values is ancient.

Value Teach instills these values as viewed in India through Sanadhana Dharma commonly known as Hinduism today. Upanishad says :
Maathru Devo Bhava
मातृ देवो भव।
Honour thy Mother as God.
Pithru Devo Bhava
पितृ देवो भव।
Honour thy Father as God.
Aacharya Devo Bhava
आचार्य देवो भव।
Honour thy Teacher as God.
Athidhi Devo Bhava.
अतिथि देवो भव I
Honour thy Guest as God. Are these not the basic moral values to be taught to the children? There are more like this. Upanishad also says: Satyam vada
सत्यं वद
Speak the Truth
Dharmam chara.
धर्मं चर
Walk the Righteous Path Examples and narrations from history depicting these values, make the understanding and appreciation easy.
There are abundant examples demonstrating the values in India and in Sanadhana Dharma and these will be explained.

Value Teach focusses on almost all moral and ethical values and develops what is to be done and helps overcome what is not to be done.

Why does Value Teach adopt one to one approach?

Each child is unique by self. Certain values are inherently strong - they need to be identified and enhanced. They are not aware of some values-they are to be cultivated. Some values are stagnant at the bottom as a spark - they need to be ignited.The model is irrigation, not rainfall. ( Water of the rain falls over a wide area on many trees and plants which require varying amount of water. In irrigation the exact required quantity of water is given to each plant).

For this reason, Value Teach does not believe in group teaching. Each session is with only one child. Sibling is permitted to be a co-participant, if enrolled.

How many sessions and of what duration Value Teach conducts?

Children must be given sufficient time to understand, assimilate and absorb the values. Hence the program is spread over 10 sessions. Each session is for 30 minutes duration.

Suggested frequency is once in a week, preferably the same time every week. Can be flexible if time slot is available.

What is the medium through which Value Teach conducts the program?

Distance between the locations should not hamper the learning process. Hence , the interaction will be through Skype.

On the first day, interaction is held with the child to map and assess . Based on this, the sequencing and structuring of the program is decided. Children will be exposed to the values listed and more if needed.

The summary of the values added in each session would be mailed to the child after the session. This will cover the broad aspects of value transfer.

Will Value Teach do hand holding after the program?

Value building is not a one time exercise but continuous lifetime process. Value Teach believes in ensuring the that the moulding of the child is effective and the values learnt are put into practice. For this purpose, Value Teach will interact with the child after one month of completion of program.