Spending time and money to teach academic subjects is understandable. Why spend in teaching moral and ethical values?

In today's modern world, it is natural that all parents desire the children to be given the best possible education. The children are being given the best exposure in academic subjects such as mathematics, computer science.

The knowledge gained catapults the children to greater heights in the material life. The children grow up as men and occupy very high positions in life and amass a lot of money. That is the point at which they undergo mental pressure and start living in tension and depression.

The potential threat is that the need for money could gradually get transformed into greed for money. In recent times, there are instances where people occupying enviable positions in the corporate world have undergone charges against them and in some cases got imprisoned. Why all these?

The reason is that they lacked moral and ethical values. These values were not taught to them at their young age.

Moral and ethical values are like the foundation of building - not seen outside but is the basis of everything else.

The parents of this generation have started to realise the need for imparting values into the children and that this has to be done at the young age so that the values get integrated in the life, be it official or personal.

Can not the parents teach values themselves? Why go to Value Teach?

Now comes the question - how to impart the teaching of values. One generation ago, there were grandparents in the house, who would cultivate values by telling them in the form of stories. This phenomenon is getting reduced. Also, the schools are conducting Moral Education classes every week. This is not happening in most of the schools currently. Parents want to do it but most of them are not clear how to structure and do it. Children are also generally reluctant to take such subjects from parents.

At this juncture, what is the way forward? That is where Value Teach comes into the picture.

Value Teach develop the value system of the children in a structured format to suit the modern way of thought process.

Value Teach is the ideal avenue for the parents to provide their children with what will last their lifetime!