What are the different grouping of values?

The values are generally in the groups of

  • Moral values
  • Ethical values
  • Social values
  • Financial values
  • Family values
  • Political value etc.
Value Teach focusses on the moral values largely and encompassing ethical values. Implementation of these values naturally touch upon development of certain soft skills to make the learning holistic.

What defines moral and ethical value?

Moral value is the core value of life, across the universe. It is the same on any part of the world.

Moral values help the child to differentiate between the right and wrong followed by choosing the right. Moral values, when practised also forms a part of ethical values.

Ethical value could undergo peripheral moderation depending upon the way of living.

These values are both affirmative and negative - what to do and what not to do. Value Teach educates about 30 values in both ways.


  • Respect parents
  • Devotion to teacher
  • Speak the truth
  • Do righteous
  • Respect  conscience
  • Be ready to give
  • Be ready to sacrifice
  • Be honest
  • Always help
  • Learn to accept mistakes
  • Learn to forgive
  • Exhibit courage
  • See good in others
  • Respect  values in others
  • Respect the feelings of others
  • Have commitment and sincerity
  • Shoulder responsibility
  • Develop perseverance
  • Be simple
  • Develop  love and affection
  • Love environment
  • Compete
  • Family  is important
  • Learn to live with differences  
  • See value in tradition
  • Be ready to adapt
  • Have kindness and love
  • Enhance creativity
  • Develop wisdom
  • Show loyalty: get loyalty


  • Don't hurt anybody                         Physically  Verbally  Mentally
  • Don't be greedy
  • Don't  get angry
  • Don't envy
  • Don't let pressure build up
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